About Shawna Sadler

I am an academic Librarian committed to the user experience, challenging architects and engineers to create flexible buildings in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our users and information dissemination. I am currently the Chief Technology Officer at the University of Calgary, Libraries and Cultural Resources.


 It’s all about the user and maximizing their experience in the library space. Specifically, giving the users and digital collections an active space in the physical library with various forms of hardware such as interactive screens, visualization walls and touch tables.

Media Wall, main floor Taylor Family Digital Library

Shawna Sadler, TFDL Media Wall

I was the Technology Officer for the Taylor Family Digital Library construction project, 265,000 square feet, $203 Million, $13 Million technology budget.

Visualization Studio, 4th floor Taylor Family Digital Library


This is where the Library, Museum, Archives and Press converge into one inspirational building with a mandate to support new media in research and innovation.

Interactive Screens in pop-up spaces, main floor Taylor Family Digital Library


As well as being the principal project manager for technology implementation, I have a background in Digital Librarianship, Institutional Repositories, Digitization, Web Design, Reference and Information Architecture.

Touch Tables and a Magic Planet for new media work

Student Union Digital Media Commons, 3rd Floor, Taylor Family Digital Library

magi planet 2.png

A Masters Degree in Library and Information Science with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries from Syracuse University, I remain actively engaged in the technological field of cultural institutions.

 Interactive and multi-surface classroom using Class Spot PBL Software


Bookable workrooms where content can be shared onto a central screen through a hard-wire or wirelessly using Team Spot software, which also enables collaborative work on a shared screen.


Presentation Practice Rooms, which students can book and record themselves giving a presentation and review in the same room. One of the rooms can provide professional-level video-coferencing for students as well.





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