Liberact 2014 Workshop

Liberact 2014
Interactive Technologieis in Libraries, Workshop
March 11-12, 2014
Taylor Family Digital Library
University of Calgary

This year Liberact 2014 will be unconference in nature. Small, engaging and every attendee should return to their home institution with a list of applications to download and demo for local staff, students and faculty. Ideally, every attendee will be a presenter.


Meet in the Gallery Hall for a very hearty breakfast

10am Tours of the Taylor Family Digital Library, including demos in the Visualization Studio and a public interactive art piece entitled Toro from University of Calgary professor Jean Renee LeBlanc.

12pm Lunch

1:30pm Presentations

History of Neuro Science collection, deployed by the Bohemian Bookshelf interactive software, delivered on a touch table in the Health Sciences Library. Presented by John Brosz and Chelsea Ambler, University of Calgary.

Library Explorer, interactive software for library collections. Chris Erdmann and Susan Berstler, Harvard University Library.  Demo video of Library Explorer,

3pm Snacks

3:30-5pm Presentations

Video Wall Remote, a tool for the public to control content on a public display wall. Markus Wust will discuss the design of this tool, lessons learned and similar projects; mobile devices and QR codes to control Omeka-based exhibits on video walls. Presented by Markus Wust, North Carolina State University Library

Creating a fully automated, self serviced library. Calgary Public Library is pursuing the idea of an interactive technology project that will connect customers with resources and with the Calgary Public Library, so that they can create an experience without interacting with staff in the traditional way.  The target audience for this application would be facility users of all ages, with an emphasis on children and families.  Presented by Lisa Hardy, Calgary Public Library

5:30pm Dinner provided for out of town guests at Notables

Wednesday March 12th

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Presentations of projects to engage users with interactive technologies

Museum application for touch table, Eleven Women Facing War, Military Museum Interactive Exhibit. A two-day build using java script and html. Presented by Lindsey Sharmin, University of Calgary.

Digital fabrication as a library-integrated service: a set of applications and hardware platforms to serve the emerging needs of our communities. How do offerings such as discovery services,  reference services, finding aids, data management,  and institutional repositories change when an  essential outcome is a physical replica, functional prototype, or sensing-object? Presented by Matt Bernhardt, MIT Libraries

12pm Lunch

1pm Presentations by local academics to inspire new ideas for future projects

Dr. Stefania Forlini, the Gibson Science Fiction Visualization Project: connecting special collections with interactive tools for the digital humanities.

Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale, thoughts on interactive technologies and data visualization for libraries and cultural institutions today and into the future.

2:30pm Snacks


Book Binder, paper mock-up of preliminary project for feedback before development. Presented by John Brosz, University of Calgary.

4-5pm Wrap-up, Collaboration, Future Plans

Open Evening


There will be four streams:

1. Present a completed application for other libraries to download at their home institution. A list of these applications will be available before the conference.

2. Present an application and look for partners to help bring it to reality. Again, a list of projects will be available before the workshop.

3. Engaging users with interactive technologies. Presenters will describe their project connecting academic users to a library interactive technology, with a focus on impact and outcomes so others can sell the idea to their home institution. Giving you credit of course.

4. User Experience Session. You are welcome to submit an application for attendees to demo and provide feedback (a friendly user-experience test environment).

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